World Tour Crew - Staff & Crew

Bill Wright

Bill is a father of two kids and a jack of all trades. He is an aircraft engineer, mechanic, commercial pilot, flight instructor and an aircraft manufacturer.

David Rose

David Rose has been working as a portrait and travel photographer, specializing in celebrity portraits since 1990. He has done advertising and promotion assignments for numerous entertainment and media network including NBC Television, ABC Television, Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers Pictures. He is the son of a helicopter test pilot and is an instrument rated private pilot.
David has been with the World Tour as a photographer since the start of the Second Leg of the tour documenting, through pictures, history being made.

Jesus Dela Torre

Captain Jesus dela Torre hails from Madrid Spain. He is the owner/general director of Meydis Servicios, the biggest direct marketing services company in Spain. He likes sailing and diving.
Capt. De la Torre served as co-pilot during the Brazil and Argentina portion of the World Tour.

Dr. Pete Lee

Dr. William B. “Pete” Lee is the retired Emeritus Executive Director of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, the largest maritime museum on the American West Coast. In addition to his interest in maritime history, oceanography, navigation, sailing and traditional watercraft, he is and experienced diver in SCUBA and heavy (hardhat) equipment, as well as an instrument and seaplane rated private pilot.
Dr. Lee joined the DO-24 World Tour as a co-pilot and organizer in San Diego and San Pedro, California.

George Koutsodontis

George is an aircraft mechanic and has been an aircraft engine technician for Lufthansa Aero. He holds private and commercial pilot licenses in Germany, having passed the Long Range exam in Germany in 2004. He has also passed the Seaplane Rating in Italy.
George served as Iren’s co-pilot during the California portion of the World Tour.