SECOND LEG - World Tour Crew - Staff & Crew

PAOLO SALILA - Aircraft Specialist

Paolo is a native of Pampanga, Philippines and has been part of the restoration team of the DO-24ATT. He specializes on the electrical, instrumental and avionics system of the seaplane.
He was on his second stint in the world tour as an aircraft specialist/mechanic. The most exciting part of the tour according to him was being able to contribute his knowledge and skills in maintaining the aircraft in tip top shape and having the opportunity of a lifetime to travel and see the world.

SHIELLA CABI-AO VELILLA - Project Coordinator (International)

Shiella was in-charge of coordinating with sponsors for donations and volunteers for events. She was also the lead person in organizing activities including airshows, waterlandings and accompanying events of the Do-24ATT.


SUSAN WILCOX - Flight Attendant

Susan is a young bartender who learned about the Do-24 World Tour from a friend. She is a well-rounded individual who is very much into art, books and animals. She loves to travel and enjoys customer related work.
As a flight attendant for the Do-24 World Tour, her main job was to make sure that passengers boarding the aircraft are comfortable and safe. On ground, she also assisted in the promotions and advertisements of the tour.

RICHARD DORNIER - Safety Officer

Richard was in charge of the safety for both crew and aircraft during flight and while on the ground for events. he provided tours and managed the information booths during events. He also acted as co-pilot to and from events. 
During the time of "no events", he worked with Iren on the restoration of aircraft for the new Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen.